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Using the finest, & organic essential oils and natural ingredients, I make luxury handmade bath & beauty products. I started out making bath bombs and shower steamers which friends and family loved. Unlike other bath bombs on the market, they are not highly coloured nor do they contain strong perfumes which can aggravate skin conditions. They are very different as apart from being fun, they are also super hydrating and contain Epsom Salts for tired muscles & Kaolin Clay to moisturise and smooth skin, as well as providing targeted aromatherapy. They contain essential oils such as Lavender for relaxation, Rose for serenity and sensitive skin conditions & Ylang Ylang & Orange to uplift and revive.  We also make a bath bomb specifically targeted for asthma sufferers and those people who have colds or flu.

Many people these days prefer a shower so we make Shower Steamers that work in a similar way to a bath bomb.  Simple drop one in your shower tray to give tired feet a lovely foot spa whilst enjoying the aromatherapy in your shower cubicle. These Pick 'n Mix Shower steamers come in jars of 10 and they are also available individually as "Chill Pills". You can use them for a foot spa too and they'll work even better if you have a plug.


The Handcream, Balms, Scrubs & Serums also provide healing and aromatherapy qualities and are made with the finest natural ingredients, such as Mango and Avocado Butters, Apricot and Jojoba oils.  My eldest daughter is a horse rider who suffers from Eczema. Her hands are rough in Winter and she cannot use highly perfumed products. She now uses and swears by my bespoke, super-thick formulation for very chapped hands.   


The blends of organic essential oils that I use in the Therapy Oils are also based on the ancient method of aromatherapy and target specific problems whilst uplifting the spirits and calming the mind.  They can greatly improve problems such as insomnia, depression, & a lack of concentration and they can help nervous travellers also.   The crystal therapy oils also contain crystals & have similar beneficial effects, but with the added benefit of the presence of specific crystals soaking within the oil.  Simply apply by rolling onto temples, behind the ears and on the pulse points of your wrists.


We've upgraded our candles to provide aromatherapy blends which will uplift, relax, help you to reminisce, reflect & inspire. Prices start at £6.50 for a small candle (burns for 10hrs) to a large candle for £8 (burns for 20hrs).

Another new addition is our Silver Bullitt Hand & Mask Defender.  

Perfect for any pocket, rucksack or handbag these precious little atomizers provide guaranteed protection against any negativity that may fly your way. It can be spritzed onto a cloth mask, rubbed on hands or gloves, with the added protection of emitting calming aromtherapy as well as being one of the best natural sanitizers on the market!  £6 for 50ml


Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers, Bath & Shower Truffles, Luxury handcream

Email: joy.cansfield@skyom

Tel: 07961 877878

Hertfordshire Country Show
The Showground, Redbourne AL3 7PT.  10-5pm.
Sat & Sun 23rd & 24th May
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Oaklands College Summer Fair
St Albans, Herts. June, more details
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Sat & Sun 26th & 27th Sept
Hatfield House Christmas Fair
The Riding School
Hatfield, HERTS
Sat 7th Nov
Knebworth Christmas Fair
Knebworth Country Estate,
Sat 14th & Sun 15th Nov
Hertfordshire Frost Fair
The Showground, Redbourne AL3 7PT
Fri, Sat & Sun 20th,21st & 22nd Nov
London Colney Christmas Lights
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